It is 8am Friday morning at the time of this writing. While only half an inch was forecast to fall last night, a total of 1.5 inches fell in actuality. It fell between 2am and 8am leaving no time to clear by this morning (Friday).

The main storm which is expected to bring another 4-6 inches is expected to start snowing at 4pm Friday (today), and ending around 4am Saturday morning. This means there is no point in us clearing the snow from Friday morning’s snow fall as by the time we would finish clearing, the snow would already be starting again. This is our policy set out in our terms of service for this reason.

The plan for tonight’s storm is to start as late as possible letting the most snow fall, while still attempting to finish all customers by morning.

This is a very delicate balance and perfection for all customers is nearly impossible. Customers near the beginning of the route should expect that a little more snow will fall after we make our first pass of clearing; likely in the 1-2inch range at the most. This snow will be cleared Saturday night after Saturday drifting has ended. 

Customers near the end of our route may wake up to a ton of snow, depending when they wake up. Know that we are right around the corner, as we are going to attempt to have all customers cleared by the 8am-10am time frame, earlier if the storm allows us.

As per usual with a large storm, high winds will follow causing drifting all day Saturday ending Saturday evening so a cleanup will be required for all customers. A final clean up service of these leftovers will occur Saturday night, so that all customers are free and clear of snow well in advance of Sunday morning.

Keep in mind a total of 8 inches will have accumulated between Friday morning’s snowfall, and the larger one on Friday night. While Hero is still going to accomplish a passable driveway for you, understand that 8 inches of snow will be left for you to navigate on the city streets. This is Winterpeg, so prepare accordingly and expect that the city will be mostly shut down on Saturday. Navigating 8 inches of snow will be most difficult for those in small cars and especially those with rear wheel drive cars. 

On the topic of cars, please ensure your cars are off of the driveway and parked on the street as much our of the way as possible. If this occurs we can clear your driveway quickly, and get to the next house quicker meaning all customers benefit. Also, contrary to popular belief it is actually far more work to hand shovel around a car than it is to plow the entire driveway with the car off it. So please, help us use the equipment that is designed to be efficient at clearing snow by moving your cars to the street. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this plan please call or email before the storm tonight. Once the storm hits we will be in hard core clearing mode, so we will have more time to deal with your concerns before the snow starts falling.