It is 7am Friday, Feb 6 at the time of this writing. 

An inch of snow fell Fri earling morning not leaving enough time to clear by wake-up. The brunt of the storm is expected to start Fri at 4pm and snow right through until Sat around midnight, give or take a few hours. As of now about 1-2 more inches is supposed to fall from 4pm Fri until Fri midnight. Then we could have a lull in snowfall overnight with the heavy snow starting Sat morning around 5am and bringing another 6 inches or so throughout Sat.

If this occurs the plan will be to do a “quick service” of driveways only on Fri night so that come Saturday morning the amount of accumulated snow on driveways is at least passable. This will be a heavy storm on Sat so plan accordingly as we could be getting half and inch to an inch an hour if the storm turns out as forecast. The heaviest snow is forecast Sat morn from 6am to noon. This means driveways will be toughest to navigate on Sat afternoon and evening after the heaviest snow has fallen. The storm should clear early enough Sat evening to give lots of time to clear everyone out by Sunday morning.

PLEASE ENSURE CARS ARE NOT PARKED ON DRIVEWAYS FRI OR SAT NIGHT. A driveway free of cars allows us to do a better job. It also allows us to work faster which helps all customers get quicker service. We currently have no customers on snow routes so park those cars on the street or in the garage please.

Summary: Quick Service of driveways only Fri night so cars can get out Sat morning. Full service of drives and walks Sat night, hopefully finishing all customers well in advance of Sun morn.

PS: We’re not out of the woods yet after this storm as we could get another 4-6 inches on Mon/Tues.