That’s right Winnipeg. Even though it’s the middle of winter at the time of writing Hero is all ready for the 2015 lawn care season. Our mowers are serviced, fuelled up and ready to be put to work caring for your lawn. 

We pride ourselves on being ready before the lawn care season, instead of panicking last minute and hoping we manage to prepare before the grass starts growing. This also means we are able to answer new customers’ lawn care inquiries quickly in the spring when it is top of mind. So, instead of being bombarded with other business preparations and taking days or weeks to get back with a quote, we are able to have customers’ quoted and signed up for lawn care on literally the same day. Often even on their initial phone call! Now that’s service! 

This level of preparedness also means that we cut off our list earlier than most lawn care companies. Typically for lawn care we don’t take new customers past May 1 of the season as May is our first month of service. For snow removal our cut off is November 1. This means customers should get ahold of us as early as possible if they are in need of lawn care. Even if that means calling in the middle of winter. 

This message is not a pressure sales tactic either, as we routinely turn away customers by the hundreds if they have not reserved their spot before the season starts. We just want to ensure potential customers have all the info they need, so that they can secure lawn care services from the reliable provider they desire.

So get ahold of Hero now to book grass cutting services for the upcoming season!