This article should help you understand how Hero’s property care services work. When you find our website online and arrive at our home page, scroll down to see which yard care services we offer.

Our lawn care or grass cutting goes from May to Sept (5 months), and our residential snow clearing goes from Nov to March (also 5 months). We don’t currently offer services for the months of October or April, which would typically be a spring and fall cleanup. At this time we only offer the snow plowing and mowing as part of our maintenance services. By specializing in grass cutting and snow removal, it allows us to become experts at those services.

To take you through the seasons, we start weekly grass cutting on the first full calendar week of May. A full calendar week being from Sunday to Saturday. From May to Sept, Hero will cut grass once per calendar week in this period. Typically we will visit your property at the same time and same day each week, however we only promise once per calendar week in case of rain interruptions, new customers shuffling our routes, or other unforeseen circumstances interrupting our desired routine. This mowing schedule continues until the last full calendar week of September.

For our snow clearing, we become on call starting Nov 1, and offer unlimited visits for snowfalls accumulating 1” or more until March 31.

For year round property maintenance customers, service automatically renews each season. Payments are processed the first of the month from May-Sept, payments are paused for Oct, then resumed from Nov 1- to March 1, paused again in April and resumed again in May. This continues indefinitely until you tell us to stop. A side note for our grass cutting services is that we only bag on properties smaller than 0.15A.

Hopefully that explains how our year round yard care services work, as well as how we work service for only lawn care or snow removal. We do only offer full season maintenance so we do require at least a full summer or winter season. Unfortunately we don’t offer 1 time grass cutting visits or 1 time snow clearing visits due to the administrative burden and our requirement of stable cash flow.