Although it’s the middle of summer, Hero Snow Removal is diligently preparing for the winter snow removal season. We want to remind old and new customers that our clearing occurs overnight only, so your driveway is fresh and clear of snow for the morning commute.

It’s also very important that garbage bins are placed off of the driveway, and on the curb of the road. They should be placed together (1 meter apart), on roadway as close to the curb or lawn as possible. We do many driveways per night and are in and out in less than 3 minutes. Having to stop to move garbage bins greatly slows down snow removal service for you and other customers. It also take our mind off of clearing snow and reduce service quality.

So please be sure to place your bins beside the driveway, on the road, as close to the curb as possible during the entire snow removal season. If you are unsure of where this is, please call or email Hero Snow Removal for further explanation.

Thanks and happy plowing!

-The Hero Snow Removal team of Winnipeg.