7am Wed morn update: 

All customers were cleared Tues night, Wed early morning. Over 5″ of snow has fallen, which is a significant amount more than was expected and it is still falling hard. Snow also began later, and ended later (in fact it’s still ongoing) therefore there is leftover snow (or as we call them “leftovers”) from plowing as the snow continued falling after we plowed. The maximum amount of leftover snow should be 2″ as of this time.

The earlier on the list you are, the more leftover snow you will notice, as you were serviced earlier in the night allowing more snow to fall behind us. Snow is expected to continue falling and winds will pick up Wed causing drifting.


This additional snow/drifting, as well as the “leftovers” will be cleared Wednesday evening when these conditions subside.

The goal of last night’s service was to ensure all driveways were passable this morning due to the large snowfall accumulation. By servicing all customers, the accumulation of snow on driveways is no more than 2″(many with far less) which is very navigable by vehicle compared to the 5″+ that would have resulted had clearing not occurred last night.

We assure you that ALL customers were serviced last night, no one was missed. If you awake to snow on your driveway and wonder if we were there, we were there. Think of it like wiping your windshield dry in a rain storm. No matter how hard you dry it, it’s going to end up wet in 2 seconds because it’s still raining. The same applies to snow removal. No matter how hard we scrape the driveways while snow is still falling, snow will keep showing up on the driveway.

It’s important to remember we respond snowfall, we aren’t able to prevent it from falling. Aside from large snow events like this one where we cleared during the event to reduce ongoing accumulation, we must wait for the last flake to fall before beginning clearing. Otherwise snow is left on the driveways. We strive to leave driveways in clean condition for non-snow periods so we must wait until it stops falling before we start clearing. Wednesday snow has not stopped falling.

Most reccuring customers understand this battle with mother nature and we thank you so kindly for your patience and understanding. This message is especially important for any new customers or customers with questions or concerns about our logic regarding service.

We post very actively on the “live updates” portion of our tracking page so keep watching these play-by-play announcements for info leading up to each snowfall, during the snowfall and after the snowfall. For example, warnings were posted at least 1 day in advance that leftover snow should be expected Wednesday morning. Conditions and forecasts are constantly changing so this is the best way to keep in the loop if you require information. Our posts are limited to 140 characters so from time to time a longer blog post such as this will be published to address observed or potential concerns in greater depth.

Thanks for choosing Hero. If you have any questions in regards to the points in this statement please feel free to email them. Emails will be responded to sometime in the afternoon after the night shift gets some rest.