Hero will not trim the weeds or grass in rock gardens. Our lawn care is limited to the bounds of the lawn, up to any flower and rock garden separators. Any service inside of flower gardens is the responsibility of the homeowner or a gardening service. We don’t currently offer that service, but as always, that could change.

We want to address rock gardens specifically. As seen in the video above, we are talking about grass and weeds that grow through the landscaping rocks on certain lawns. The reason we don’t trim this is because these stones are very dangerous to contact with the a string trimmer. If our trimmers hit the rocks, the string wraps around the rocks and launches the rock in unpredictable directions. Many times this hits our workers which is not fun, can break expensive windows, hit cars, or—worst of all—hit a bystanding person or child. So we don’t even touch these areas with a string trimmer or weed whacker.

What we recommend for homeowners is to spray these weeds and grass with a legal kill all chemical. The other option is to pull them manually but this is a lot of work, whereas spraying them is much easier and cheaper in the long run. You can find these products at your neighborhood hardware store like Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Rona, Wal-Mart, etc.

Be sure to ask the worker in these stores which products are allowed for cosmetic weed and grass removal. Due to the recent pesticide ban in Manitoba there are limited products available for this purpose so it’s best to investigate your legally available options.

Be sure not to spray the kill all on your lawn as it kills all plant life including grass. It doesn’t just kill thistles and dandelions. Only spray these products on areas where you want no vegetation to grow, like rock gardens.

Hopefully this gave you some options to eliminate the weeds in your rock gardens, and why we don’t trim grass or weeds in rock gardens as part of our weekly lawn care service.