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One of the first questions Hero gets from a potential lawn mowing customer is, “How does the Winnipeg lawn care service work?”. The layout of this yard care website attempts to address that question as simply as possible, however this article goes a bit deeper.

About Our Lawn Care Services

Hero offers lawn mowing on a weekly schedule. We only service recurring, weekly grass cutting customers who intend to stay on for the entire season. One time cuts to lawns or when you want to hire us for only one month of lawn care in Winnipeg unfortunately is not something that can be provided by Hero’s lawn care services.

One of the reasons for this is the administrative burden it creates to us as a company. For every new customer we must familiarize the customer with the service, locate the property, quote the property and travel to the property outside of our regular scheduled route. In many cases this process can take us 4 times as long as actually cutting the grass! It’s easy to see how a $25 one time cut can turn into as much as $100 worth of work for our company, very quickly.

Another reason is that a one time, or one month cutting agreement does not provide us with a reliable income stream. Much like an employee seeks an employer who can fill them with 40h of work, consistently every week; we aim to book customers with the intention becoming long term recurring customers. This way we get better acquainted with each property, we get to better understand each client’s preferences, and the steady revenue stream means our company is more stable. Imagine finding a new lawn guy every month or two because they keep going bankrupt or moving onto another venture! Reliability is key, and this is one of the many ways Hero provides that.

Hero’s weekly lawn mowing begins in May and ends at the end of September. We considers a “week” a full calendar week meaning only 1 week periods from Monday to Sunday that fall between May and Sept are considered “weeks”. The reason for this is because we cut on multiple days of the week. So if Sept ended on a Tuesday one year, we would not consider that a week for grass cutting purposes. Otherwise our Monday and Tuesday customers would get more cuts than customers who were serviced later in the week. We don’t consider that fair.

Another important issue in regards to our mowing, is the first spring cutting visit. We try to get out for the first calendar week in May but sometimes are not able to start until the 2nd week, because the snow is still melting or the grass is still too wet. In these cases we don’t refund part of May’s payment. This is because our monthly lawn care prices are based off of 4 cuts per month. While only 3 cuts could occur in May, customers receive a “bonus” cut throughout the summer due to there being 30 or 31 days in each month as opposed to only 28 (the equal of 4 weeks). The month that this “bonus” occurs on depends on the year and which mowing day each customer falls on.

In short, signing up 5 months of services guarantees a customer at least 20 mowing visits during the season. Possibly more, but never less.

To summarize, these logistics indirectly affect how services are offered by our lawn care contractors and the price that is paid for those services. The reason it can be important to understand these “backend” logistics is so that clients can understand why certain policies, prices or service offerings end up the way they do. Clients can also understand why Hero isn’t able to take on every phone call or email we receive, even though we will do everything possible from our end to meet a client’s needs. The easiest way to get answers to these technical questions about service is to call or email Hero and ask us directly.

Give Hero a call today at (204) 998-4376 or get in touch online for a price estimate. Check out our yard care service area for summer grass cutting services for your home or commercial business this 2017 for lawn care in Winnipeg


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