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How to use Hero Winnipeg’s service area map

Which parts of Winnipeg does Hero Snow Removal & Lawn Care service? This article will take a bit of time to show you how our lawn care and snow removal service area maps work on our website, to help your search for a Winnipeg lawn care provider go a little smoother.

To use the Winnipeg service area map, click the nice big link right on the home page that says “service area”. When you get there, there will be a couple maps that highlight where we offer lawn care and snow removal services in Winnipeg. You will notice that our snow removal service are is smaller than our grass cutting area for a few reasons. One is so we can keep properties close together and service them quicker, and the other is because we only offer snow clearing services to certain styles of properties.

Servicing South Winnipeg Properties

It’s very important that you confirm your property is in our service area before contacting us because we do only maintain properties within these highlighted areas. If you require year round property maintenance, you’ll want to confirm you are in both service areas. Namely the snow plowing service area, as this is our smaller area.

We do get a lot of calls from potential clients who are nowhere near our service area so please use this tool that we’ve provided for this reason. Otherwise making contact is just a waste of our time and yours. We do remind potential clients on our contact page, to confirm they are within our service area before contacting so there should be no trouble missing this information.

Service Area Maps Constantly Updated

Keep checking our maps as they are updated regularly and we work the best we can to expand the reach of our property care services to cover a larger part of Winnipeg and even its surrounding area. Once you do confirm we’re able to service your property, click the contact page and send us an email and we can get you signed up easily. We can do phone calls but respond quicker to emails as we already receive all of your contact info right through our form, and are able to immediately write up an invoice and expedite the sign-up process.

Again, the link to find our area maps can be found on our Home Page, or by clicking the Pricing page and scrolling down to find the maps. Hopefully this makes finding and using this tool easier.


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