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How to Use Hero Snow Removal Winnipeg’s Pricing Page

See the above video to get an idea of our Winnipeg prices found on our online pricing page. From our home page you’ll see an easy to find link to our pricing page right at the top of the menu. When you click that and arrive at our pricing page, and find a couple animations of our pricing model to help describe how our pricing model applies to your lawn. It’s important to note that these prices are constantly fluctuating due to market conditions, supply and demand, and other factors. So it’s important to check back constantly for updated prices. The prices you see in this video are just what were current at the time this video was made.

Property Maintenance Pricing for Winnipeg Yards

We consider a standard Winnipeg lawn to be less than 0.15 acres, which works out to around 6,500 square feet if you work in those terms. The $110/mth pricing at the time of this video also goes for our standard 2 car driveway. In fact, for snow removal, we only plow 2 car driveways and their accompanying sidewalks. We don’t service any other style of driveways, or walkway only properties. We’re really effective at clearing snow on the 2 car driveways which helps us offer quality service with high reliability.

Lawn Care Prices in Winnipeg and Surrounding Area

It’s important to remember that your price may be different than the price posted in these graphics even if your lawn is the same size as mentioned. Things like trees, obstacles, heavy growth grass, excessive trimming, us not having other customers near you, and things like this. We don’t look to take on customers who water or excessively fertilize their lawns as it’s simply too much growth for a weekly grass cutting schedule. Lawns like these need to be cut twice per week and this is not a service we offer. The summary of this is that any factor that will increase our workload—even if the lawn is of the size in our graphic—can increase our actual price to you. This is why it’s important to email us for an exact price for grass cutting on your lawn, so we can incorporate all of those factors in for you and confirm a monthly price.

As always, check back often as our prices are constantly changing. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what our pricing page represents and some of its limitations, when taking into account the highly customization factor of lawn care services in Winnipeg.


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