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Hero Snow Removal is one of the city’s most trusted local companies and top reviewed snow plow services in Winnipeg. Customers love us because we provide good quality, consistent service, and are always just an email away. If a client has a concern, question or issue with their snow removal, we’re able to address it for them promptly so they’re not left waiting days for communication and action to complete. We don’t promise unicorns. We simply promise good, reliable service.

Offering a Winnipeg snow removal service is a chaotic undertaking as mother nature always throws hurdles in our direction by snowing at the least opportune time, or snowfalls without warning as soon as we finish clearing snow routes. This is why Hero’s snow removal contractors are local leaders in the industry. Our 5 years experience in the snow removal industry allows us to more accurately predict forecasts, have more developed logistics capabilities, and always have a backup plan when mother nature forces our hand.

It’s this kind of experience that causes us to limit our snow removal list size so that we can consistently service all customers in the worst of conditions. Yes, we could increase our revenue by accepting all clients that call us. However, we only take on clients in areas and styles of properties we can handle so our reliability is maintained. Getting in over our heads only sours relationships with customers and their perception of our company, which will certainly cause less people to choose Hero Snow Removal in the future. So understand, this is the reason we aren’t able to offer snow removal to everyone who calls us.

Have a look at our pricing for Winnipeg snow removal services. You should also have a look at our service area map included on that page, to ensure you are in our service area. If you’re lucky enough to be within our service area, contact us to confirm your price and get you signed up.

Sign up for our snow clearing program in Sept at the latest. If there’s already snow on the ground it’s far too late. We fill our lists up before the winter so we can focus solely on plowing snow during the winter, instead of sales and administration. Mother nature gives us enough variables to tackle without this added burden.

So drop us an email via our web form and join the Hero family for sidewalks, walkways and driveway snow removal Winnipeg, you’ll be glad you did!


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