How the snow removal and lawn care Winnipeg tracking system works Back to Services

How the snow removal and lawn care Winnipeg tracking system works

Hero was the first snow company in Winnipeg to deploy a live tracking system. The above video will spend a bit of time explaining how the live tracking page works for Hero Snow Removal & Lawn Care. It can be slightly complicated to new customers so we really want to spend some time with you to help you understand it better.

There’s multiple ways to find our Winnipeg snow removal and lawn care tracking page. You can click the Tracking link on the main menu, or the big traffic graphic on the right side of the Hero Winnipeg home page. Once you arrive to our tracking page, you’ll see a real time updates section on the left, and a list of customer numbers on the right.

The most important part of this page for you is the real time updates on the left hand side. We use this provide all customers with up to date information on any changes to the status or plan for Winnipeg lawn care, or snow removal services. As well as any complications that could be working against us, and how we’re managing them to provide a limited service interruptions.

Offering snow clearing in Winnipeg is very chaotic. Mother nature is constantly throwing us curve balls, snow forecasts are changing, and unpredictable snow fall occurs, snow can end in the middle of the night, and equipment can break down. Given all these factors, Hero Winnipeg feels that an increased presence of communication is required during the snow plowing season, to keep customers in the loop and help them understand the challenges at play.

At the time of this video there are some examples of updates during our Winnipeg grass cutting season. The most common grass cutting delay is rain interruptions, but excessive heat can certainly slow us down as well. Any time a considerable change to service is expected to occur, we try to post that information and the expected implications to the tracking page.

If you are a client with Hero Snow Removal & Lawn Care, it’s important that you use the tracking page to field any questions about the status of lawn care or snow clearing. By communicating information once to all customers, we’re able to keep working on the problems and get service restored to you faster than if we had to take hundreds of individual calls, repeating the same information over and over.

Hopefully this video gives you a better idea of how our snow removal and lawn care tracking system works, If you still have questions, certainly drop us an email through the contact page of our site.

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