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Does Hero Lawn Care Winnipeg let me choose my cutting day?


Hero Snow Removal & Lawn Care Winnipeg has to choose the cutting day that fits best into our schedule, so we can complete our mowing in the most efficient manner possible. This allows us to keep our prices competitive, as we factor travel time into our prices.

We do understand that it’s very desirable to have Winnipeg grass cutting completed right before the weekend, so it’s looking wonderful for the family dinner or other event you have planned. It’s a very understandable desire, that we’re just not able to accommodate.

If you think of a school bus route, the bus picks kids up in the most efficient manner for the bus. This means some students get picked up at the ungodly hour of 7am, and some get to sleep in and get picked up at 8:30am because they’re the last stop before school. Everyone, wants to be picked up last so they can sleep in, however it’s just not possible to do with one bus. It’s also not reasonable for each student to have their own personal chauffeur, which would be required to make this request possible.

The same is true for lawn care. Hero Winnipeg would have to hire hundreds of workers, and buy hundreds of trucks, all to work on a single day of the work. So this just isn’t a reasonable or possible request for a weekly lawn care service. Or we would have to maintain our current operation size and triple our prices for the tripling (or more) amount of time required to travel between the day preference lawn care customers. So for those reasons we don’t offer that option.

All customers with Hero are considered the same. No one is left out, and no one is preferred. We certainly do understand the reasons late week grass cutting is requested, but hopefully this video explains why we’re not able to accommodate those requests.


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