I’ve used TWN to provide snow forecasts for my snow removal company for the past 2 years and you
have been spot on, but this year is guessing at best.
EX. Here is a timeline of the changes to your snow forecast for today (Wed. Dec 18).
Mon: 2-4″
Mon night: 2″
Tues: 1/2″
5am Wed morn: No snow
7am Wed morn: 1/2″
You should have a pretty good idea what’s going to happen 2 days out.
Even if you don’t, the reason you were predictable before is because you erred on 1 side of
caution–usually forecasting snow. You may be wrong more, but this way it never snows
when a reader didn’t expect it, and they were always prepared if it did. 
Please stop flip flopping, and err on one side or the other.