This is a great question and a common one for someone signing up for snow removal or Winnipeg lawn care for the first time. A lot of different factors go into determining this answer so we will highlight some of the common ones.

Nearly all of our customers book our services for one of two reasons. The first reason is they are physically unable to do the service. This could be as a result of age, illness, or even something as common as a bad back. Whatever the cause, the end result is that they need someone else to complete the work because a physical factor prevents them from doing it.

The second common reason—and likely the most prominent reason—is because the potential client is too busy. This is by far our most common reason for a client to book our services. In today’s fast moving economy families and professionals are working more, traveling more and all around don’t have the time to maintain their yard. We are an excellent fit for these clients as we offer a no nonsense service with automatic billing so we can work in the background without ever having to converse with our customers. In fact, we prefer this relationship as it allows us to get our work done and focus on the work we do instead of managing customer relations.

Some of those who have no time to do their own grass and snow even come up with more elaborate strategies worth noting. Some people will buy their house and budget a monthly allowance to property maintenance, similar to a condo fee. However, since the cost of our services are monumentally less costly than bureaucratic and inefficient condo corporations, our client pays much less than a condo fee. By implementing this strategy they reap the benefits of having a yard, which a condo doesn’t. They reap the benefits of not having to do maintenance on that yard, like in a condo. All the while they pay far less than a condo fee and get to choose the provider they want to do their services. Time and time again they choose Hero because of our efficiency and ability to offer reliable and consistent service.

Of course, the reason for hiring a service provider may be more than just time and ability factors. As a service provider we buy equipment that makes the job easier and can handle tougher jobs. Our equipment is more powerful, more reliable, and more able to do a variety of jobs as compared to the average homeowner’s lawn mower or shovel. Also, think of how much easier it is to maintain 50 or 100 lawns with 1 lawn mower and therefore look after 1 maintenance schedule than it is for each individual homeowner to maintain 50 or 100 mowers on their own without the shop or proper tools to do so. Logistically and economically it just makes sense.

In the winter, our plows are able to push far more snow that a person is able to. Furthermore, they don’t get tired. While any equipment can break once in a while, our stringent redundancy model means we have backups ready and waiting for this event to occur. This means you are never left for dead like with other companies when the snow piles up. Hero accepts that breakdowns are a reality, we prepare for them and plan for them so that when they occur, business goes on as usual.

As you can see there are many reasons for hiring a service to do your snow and lawn. If one of the above reasons or strategies is attractive to you then give Hero a call and see if we can help you. We can’t help everyone. We keep our service areas tight and styles of properties very strict so that they are the best fit for our equipment and business model. If your property is a fit we will be more than happy to help you out!