Frequently Asked Questions


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NO.We do business on a handshake, because it’s much easier for you and Hero. In the off chance that you disagreed with Hero, the last thing we would want to do is throw a contract at you and demand you stay. So why go through the trouble of locking you into a contract? Good customer service would be required to solve any disputes, which is why we skip the contracts and go straight to offering good customer service to ensure we’re both on the same page.

We do document your service specifics and special requests on an invoice, which is emailed to you. This is the most formal agreement we offer. The most you would technically be locked in for is each month at a time. To cancel, notify us before the next scheduled monthly payment is deposited, and we will cancel your payment plan without penalty. Safe and Simple.

CREDIT CARD OR VISA DEBITFor efficiency purposes, and to provide YOU with the most security, Credit Card or Visa Debit are the only 2 payment methods Hero can accept. A pre-authorized payment plan is mandatory for the requested service months to maintain administrative efficiency, and reduce the chances of missed payments. We can take the card on your initial phone call and have you signed up on the spot. Sorry, due to administrative burden, no cheques.

YES, a full summer or winter season (5 months).Our first priority is customers seeking recurring lawn care AND snow removal service but we can accept summer or winter only customers. We are not able to offer 1 time service or vacation service.

Our goal as a company is to seek consistent, long term customers/revenue as our livelihood depends on it. Anything less than a full season does not accomplish this and causes a huge administrative burden for Hero and the customer. It also juggles our routing which can cause customers to be missed and that isn’t a risk we desire to take.

A customer wishing to finish off a season for a few weeks or months with the intention of becoming a recurring customer for upcoming seasons (either snow, lawn or both) is workable for us. Our minimum booking does not affect your ability to cancel in less than a full season if you don’t like service, move, etc. We are just looking for customers with the intention of becoming long term recurring clients.

Each customer is given a customer number to protect their privacy. These numbers are then posted on the Tracking page of our website in the order in which they will be serviced. Updates along our service route will be provided in the Twitter box beside the listed numbers.We also update pertinent information in this box so that you can be kept in constant communication with us, without having to call us and interrupt our work. This maintains our service speed, and always keeps you in the loop!

YES, for grass cutting.We stick to residential only for snow removal. Small strip malls or properties that don’t require hauling may be workable.

YES.These are simply our winter and summer brands. Both are under the registered corporation of Hero Snow Removal Limited.

Lawn Care

NO. We mow and trim only.

With the 2015 Pesticide Ban in effect we believe that the herbicide options allowed by the Manitoba Provincial Government are not attractive options. With prices much higher and effectiveness arguably lower, we believe customers will choose to avoid this service and therefore we do not offer it.

As for fertilizer, the decomposition of existing clippings act as fertilizer every time we cut. Therefore, Hero believes the best bang for buck for the customer comes from saving money by avoiding fertilization/weed services, and hiring only a mowing company like us.

WE BAG AND HAUL THEM AWAY on properties under .15 acres. Anything larger will be side discharged and grass-cycled on your lawn.

We bump your day back.

If it rains, all days on or following the rain day will be bumped back one day. If it rains twice in the week, all days impacted will be bumped back 2 days and so on. The following week will resume at your normal day.

NO.We attempt to organize our customers in an order where we can service them as efficiently as possible. Requesting certain days is simply one too many variables for us to manage while still maintaining the service quality and cost competitiveness we promise. Beware of other companies who make this promise as it is a difficult one to keep.

Snow Removal

Snow removal occurs when 1 inch of fresh snow has accumulated at the Hero Snow Test site and the snow has stopped falling. If it snows half an inch at our test site, we will not be out for service. However, if it snows half an inch one day, and then half an inch another day after; we have accumulated 1 inch and you will be serviced. Hard-pack that can accumulate through the winter is not included in this measurement.If you have MEASURED at least 1 inch of new fallen snow at your residence when we have not, please call us and we will service you at no extra charge.

Clearing occurs overnight only. This means response time is typically 12-24 hours, but we make NO GUARANTEES on service time due to the number of uncontrollable variables.

Our number 1 goal is to have our customers serviced as fast and fairly as possible. We offer live tracking updates so that customers can know where we are, when routes are scheduled to start, if the minimum triggers are expected to be met, and more! This info is updated live as it’s available so all customers are as in the loop as possible.

With this said typical factors that can influence service time are–but not limited to–large amounts of Snow, equipment troubles, worker troubles or traffic. The factors that affect us, can affect any other company on the market EVEN if they sell you a guarantee. We feel Hero manages these variables much better than every other company in Winnipeg.

We’ll clear while it snows.

For predicted large snowstorms we will do a Quick Service of driveways only, so customers can still get out of the house during a storm. Once the snow stops we will do a full service of all properties like normal.

This allows you to “get out” during the storm, and get faster service when the snow stops falling because there is less for us to clear.


We treat general drifting conditions and high winds like another snowfall as snow is still being deposited on driveways. If conditions with extremely high winds and deep loose snow are present we will check properties for drifts.

However, sometimes drifts will occur on specific properties without us knowing. In these cases please give us an email or call so we can come clear the drifting at no extra charge.


Our live tracking allows you to anticipate our arrival and have your cars off of your driveway. Working around parked cars increases our work load greatly because we have to shovel instead of plowing. Further, the quality of job declines greatly. In addition the risk of damaging the parked car with our plows increases greatly.

If a customer is OK with moving cars for the larger snowfalls and leaving them on the drive for smaller 1″ snowfalls we may be able to make a creative solution. We are not able “call ahead” as our tracking page already notifies customers of our route status.

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